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Theme of the Conference

Out environment has been deteriorated markedly in the last 51 years due to severe decline in natural resources and rapid increase in environmental pollution. Depletion of forests, population growth, vehicular emissions, use of hazardous chemicals and various other undesirable human activities are mainly responsible.
Therefore. the threats of environmental degradation have been reviewed some possible remedial measures have also been suggested for – conservation in India. Now it is essentially advisable to become protector, producer and caretaker of natural resources and not the predator, polluter and consumer of earth.
Environmental Pollution And Control Technologies through

Call For Papers

In relevance to the said major theme, this conference invites research papers of proven quality on theoretical and empirical aspects on the following sub-themes :

Sources of industrial pollution and effluent characterization
Management and techniques in air pollution control
Solid waste management
Nuclear waste disposal
Application of environmental biotechnology and electrochemical technology
Marine Biology and Marine Sciences for industrial effluent treatment
Legislations for industrial effluent treatment
Energy efficiency in wastewater treatment
Sustainable and clean technologies
Green Technology
Bio based pesticides, fertilizers, polymers
Organic methods of production
Bio-gas and Bio-energy production from solid waste
Odor control and management
Advances in control and instrumentation engineering in process industries
Modeling of reactors for the industrial effluent treatment
Global Environmental Issues


The abstract of original research work should be sent to the Co-ordinator (epact2022@gmail.com). Details regarding instruction for authors for full length paper will be mailed after acceptance of abstract.